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Childrey - A Village in the Vale of the White Horse

The following is taken from the introduction to a book called Murray's Berkshire Architectural Guide edited by another of Berkshire's sons Sir John Betjeman and for those of you who have visited Childrey or its surrounding areas I hope would agree that this accurately describes the landscape:

"He who would see Berkshire must explore the places between the main roads and far from the main railway stations. If there is one part of the county that can safely be described as Berkshire and not partaking of the characteristics of the bordering counties, it is that triangle with Tidmarsh as its eastern apex and Wantage to Hungerford as its western base line. Here are small villages with large fields, tidy beech and oak copses, winding lanes through chalk or sand, hedges with holly trees, occasional heathy commons with larch and chestnuts and bracken, and many box hedges in cottage gardens. The beautiful descriptions of such scenery to be found in Miss Mitford's 'Our Village' of 1819 are true of many places in this triangle, though it would be hard to find their like today. The Vale of the White Horse with its willows and elms, chalk-built or timber-framed thatched cottages, streams and meadows lying under the high northern ridge of the chalk downs is another beautiful kingdom of its own".

A view of the pond in the centre of Childrey
A view down the high street from the end of West Street
The memorial for those who fell in the First World War (next to the pond)

A close-up of the war memorial
(note: Albert Edward Legge

Childrey Methodist Church
The Hatchet Public House

There are further pictures for the following key Legge landmarks in Childrey. Click on the pictures to go to the pages covering Penn House and St Mary's Parish Church.

The Legge family home - Penn House
St Mary's Parish Church, Childrey

Old photographs of Childrey:

A view of the pond in the centre of the village from the 1930s taken from a postcard. Note the absence of the large willow tree that stands there today.

Maps of Childrey:

There are many maps available both old and new showing the layout of Childrey. Click here to see further details.

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