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Maps of Childrey

First and foremost we have a map showing the layout of the village and some idea of the various landmarks relating to the Legge family.

1. Penn House - The Legge Family Home (Post Office, Bakery)
2. Childrey Methodist Church
3. Roger Legge lived here (house was once a chapel)
4. Olaph & Phyllis lived here
5. Douglas Legge lives here
6. Tom & Janet (Hannah Marie) lived here
7. Tom lived here
8. Tom & Janet (Hannah Marie) lived here (19 Chapel Way)
9. Henry (or Harry or Uncle Donut)
10. Ernest & Margaret lived here
11. Doctors Surgery (Marie Bjornsen arrived in Childrey as companion to the Doctors wife) & The Legge Cress Beds

Other maps... (click on the photo's to see a larger version)

An old map of Childrey
An aerial view photograph of Childrey


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