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St Mary's Parish Church, Childrey

Childrey Church is a wonderful mixture of chapels and differing rooflines. The building is from the early 13th century with perpendicular windows. The chancel was added at the end of the century and the transepts into the next. The tower followed a hundred years later. The interior has the atmosphere of a past age, and one instinctively knows it has treasures that call out to be discovered. It is currently undergoing maintenance to repair the roof which shows the daylight in places from the inside.

There is an unusual lead font, dating from the reign of Henry II, which displays little standing Bishops around its middle. The north transept was St. Mary’s Chantry Chapel founded by Edmund De Childrey, Lord of Frethorne Manor (north of the church), in 1368. The effigial knight here is locally thought to be his, but is more early 14th century in style and probably represents his predecessor Geoffrey De Frethorne (d.1320). The church also features some fine memorial brasses to the Lords of Rampayne Manor and, until destroyed in the 18th century, had a wonderful painted board showing the descent of the Fettiplace family. It may have been similar to that still to be seen at Lidiard Tregoze (Wilts).

The main entrance (complete with scaffolding due to renovation work)
A view of the graveyard at the rear of the church (the grass could do with a cut)
The interior of St Mary's Church
The stained glass window in St Mary's

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The graveyard contains the graves of many members of the Legge family and the following map describes their location:

1. Joseph & Hannah (Rawling) Legge - 15 Aug 1910 & 18 Aug 1939
2. Ralph Oliver & Marie (Bjornsen) Legge - 7 May 1948 & 18 Jul 1960
3. Ernest Wesley & Margaret (???) Legge - 2 Jan 1963 & 20 Oct 1950
4. Henry Herbert & Mary Elizabeth (???) Legge - 3 Feb 1966 & 15 Aug 1984
5. Hannah Marie Middleton - 24 Apr 1989
6. Pansy May (Legge) & Maurice Smith - 1973 & 1991
7. Ivy Margaret (Legge) Hitchcox - 19 May 1941
8. Jonathan & Jane (Treadwell) Legge - 21/3/1886 (68) & 12/7/1882 (59)
9. William & Ann (???) Legge - 23/1/1887 (80) & 26/12/1874 (68)
10. Jonathan & Hannah (Beavis) Legge - 7/3/1842 (63) & 1862
11. John & Anne (Dance) Legge - 4/5/1877 (71) & 20/7/1887 (80)

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