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Apologies if you've struggled to find this site. I've had to move my webpages and its taken a while for Google to reindex this site

The Legge Family of Childrey is where my roots are and I have recently become very interested in my ancestry and the Legge side of my family has quite an extensive history. I have managed to put together all the information which I have found out about all my relatives and to do this I have used a useful piece of software called the Personal Ancestral File or FamilySearch produced and distributed free by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise known as the Mormons).

Here I have reproduced two ancestral websites one which covers my ancestors and one which covers the Legge Family starting way, way back with my Great, Great Grandparents.

Matthew Legge Ancestry The Legge Family

The rest of this website describes in more detail the delights of the small village of Childrey which now resides in the county of Oxfordshire although within the family circles will always be considered to be in Berkshire. Click here to find out more about the village and the Legge's who lived there.

This website is dedicated to the memory my late grandfather Ben (John) Legge who sadly passed away in February 2005. Grandad was born in Childrey and spent many happy times there. I was lucky enough to be there with him on his last visit to Childrey a few years ago. I have also reproduced here the reading that my father gave at Grandad's funeral which describes Grandad's life and this is a tribute to him. Click here for further information about Benjamin John Legge.

I should also point out that much of the information that I have managed to gather about the Legge's has been supplemented by Tom Bint so make sure you also visit his website by clicking here.